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The Tribe

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We are a non-commercial World Music radio station with a free spirit team who loves to share different musical genres from the whole Planet to lovely people like you!

It will be great to know about you, please contact us by email: info@ahworldmusic.org

Join the Tribe as a Volunteer! Please send us an email to: volunteer@ahworldmusic.org and tell us your interests.


Ah!WorldMusic! is a non-profit organization; therefore, if any of the authors or labels with rights to the content broadcast on our station or shows disagree with having their material broadcast by us, then they should let us know, and we will gladly remove their material from our station indefinitely.

Angel Sánchez Borges Alias Antíguo Autómata Mexicano share his mixtapes here for Bailando sin salir de casa.

Collective común in Ah! World! Music! are:
DubRoken the last addition to común, has 3 goals in life: listen to cool music, write cool music, meet cool people to do those 2 same things.
Efe+Erre the disruptive side of común, always visualize fresh, harmonic and eclectic sounds that project you towards a sensory dance full of energy and rhythm.

likes to put together moments, sequences and musical textures and the more contrasted the better.
, He love the roots of music and prefer a buy a vinyl to eat enough.

, participant of the real underground in DF since 25 years. Promoter with the extinct Secuencia 07.
, dj and explorer of electronics landscapes for more of ten years.
Cosmoses es el productor y conductor de MusicTrales donde nos invita a escuchar con el corazón y nos comparte la música-medicina para nuestro espíritu!
DJ MKS2 is the chef, producer and curator, in La Kuisine a program with different new eclectic dishes to surprise you!
Miguel Chávez, a.k.a Espejo Lunar is the perfect chamaleonic music dreamer who makes Turista Mundial from Querétaro to the whole Planet!
Edgar H, salsero de la mata, es el conductor designado para compartir contigo lo mejor de la Salsa de todo el Mundo y ponerte a Bailar con SalsaMundeando!
Curator-producer Frau Doktor Sarah, based in Austria, is always surprising with her eclectic touch in Eclectic Sound Stimulation. 
Karina Hernández, enóloga apasionada de todos los buenos vinos y la música! Co-autora con Viento Solar de Música y Vino.
Kike Hostias es el amigo que te da buenos consejos maridados con buen rock ibérico en HostiasSiempre tirando buen rollo!
Karla Blancas, a.k.a Luna Roja, is one of the main volunteer staff support in the station and ocassionally is part of Fusion at all as a second conductor.
Vicente López Velarde, alias Mago Galáctico es el productor, curador y conductor de Música de las Esferas y nuestro Sabio de letras y música en la estación.
Juan Antonio Vázquez y Araceli Tzigane son los realizadores y conductores nómadas de Mundofonías. Grandes aportadores para todo el Planeta. Siempre desde la independencia, la curiosidad, la pasión y el rigor. Desde Madrid para todo el Planeta.
Samara Herrería, a.k.a Sol Magnético, is the art director and the illustrator and also regular curator and producer of Gravy Grooves. Also, she is responsible for Social Media.
Alberto Acevedo, alias Tikos. Apasionado de la música en especial del Rock Progresivo, del deporte y del buen vino nos comparte semanalmente Que el PROG te acompañe. 
Toño Garduño, a.k.a Tonio is the producer and curator of B-Side 
Ale Valero, a.k.a Viento Magnético is always an enthusiastic collaborator at the station and a great logistic volunteer in the sessions-concerts and real part of our free spirit in the station! With Viento Solar, they are curators of  Homolomusic
Alexis Herrería Valero, a.k.a Viento Solar, is the founder of Ah!WorldMusic! (ah-wm.org) and he is also the producer-curator of “Fusion at all!” and “My own Western“. His mission in life is to serve and to share good music to the whole Planet!